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These Mixer-Settlers are extensively used in   

Petrochemical, Nuclear, Fertilizer and

Metallurgical industries due to their

simplicity, ease of operation, stability under

a wide range of flows, accessibility for clean-

out, as well as the following:

  • High stage Efficiency (> 95%).
  • Handles wide Solvent to feed ratio.
  • Possess High Capacity (throughput).
  • Offers good flexibility in adding or
  • removing extra stages.
  • Handles Liquids with High Viscosity.
  • Offers reliable Scale-Up.



A mixer-settler device ordinarily consisted

of two parts: a mixer for contacting the two

liquid phases to bring about mass transfer,

and a settler for their mechanical separation.

The mixer and settler can be integral or

separate. The operation may be continuous   

or batchwise. 





Self-supporting FRP has been widely used, and

has the advantages of allowing shop fabrication

and shipment to site, whole or in segments.     


Mixer-Settler for solvent extraction, project in Spain, worked with OUTOTEC














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